Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 1

What I think I may do is commit to blog 2-3 times a week. That way I won't feel like I'm slacking, again, if I don't make it on every day!

Here's how today went in a snap shot:

This gives you a good idea of my starting point. Full disclosure I weigh around 400 lbs. right now. My scale says 400.2 but the limit is 400 so I won't know until a few weeks in what my weight is actually. That is another reason why I'm waiting until into July to join Weight Watchers - I want my weight loss to be accurately reflected. When I was married last June I was around 345-350. I had to take a second to pause there. It's really tough seeing that number all typed out in front of me. While I know its just a number, I would be kidding myself if that number isn't a reflection of how its been this last year. Ok. Going to try to put that in the past and go over how well today went!

1. I actually ate breakfast. It has been awhile. You can check out my food diary again at: What did Trisha eat? where you'll see I had some greek yogurt and blackberries.

2. I snacked through out the day! Yesterday a Luna bar (lemon zest is my fave), peanut butter and carrots, and an slightly sweet black ice tea held me over. Ok maybe not the iced tea...I just love iced tea.

3. I cooked/baked in the morning before work. I work at 2:30pm currently and it can be tough planning out meals. Before work I made kale chips to go along with my sandwich for lunch:

And they were not so tasty. I don't think I used enough olive oil and I think 
they needed to bake for at least a few more minutes. I will attempt again soon (since I have so much kale)!

And then I made up an old favorite: Stuffed Pepperoni and Hummus chicken breast. That was delicious and always is:

This is an older photo from when I made it before - yesterday I used reduced fat 
provolone instead of cheddar. Comment below for the recipe!

I also made garlic mashed cauliflower! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture but its a pretty simple dish. I should have used a food processor though and maybe some milk to make it a creamier consistency.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day! My director at work sent out an e-mail to the department announcing my new position in coding and I walked into the office to lots of congratulations so it couldn't have been a bad day if it tried. 

Now I must go, it's an early morning tomorrow full of responsibilities be eat healthy eating or Auntie! Fill you in later! Good night :-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time to revive this blog!!!

This blog is the container that my leftovers are sitting in, metaphorically speaking. Now those leftovers are the "do I really want to open that" old and inedible science project but the could be thrown out. Or, it could be cleaned out amidst gagging, then soaked for days and nights, and ran through the dishwasher 12 times to be finally reused! Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that its time to put some "food" from this year into my now clean container!!!

Let me catch you up since its been almost a year.

1. Moved back to same duplex I lived in before moving south last Spring.
2. Worked at an insurance company for a few months. Still don't understand why I did that to myself.
3. Got a job as an analyst in the health information department at a hospital about 35 minutes away from my home!!! YAY!!!
4. Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my amazing husband!! 
5. After 90 days at the new job was offered an opportunity to interview for a coding position. Found out today, err yesterday now, that it's official and I will be starting July 14th!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!!
6. Lastly, gained 50 lbs. back since the wedding. minus yay.

And that last one leads me into what I'm planning tonight to begin tomorrow and continue on for the rest of month, hopefully. Time to get this weight thing in check. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with being plus size. But my body has a huge problem. No pun intended. In order to get my health back in check its time to get responsible. Permanently. And I could go into the whole I want to be around for a long life with my husband and have a healthy family but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Going to try to do this day to day.

I have been very successful (most recently) in 2009 and 2012 with losing weight. The problem is I can't keep it off and I'm trying not to be skeptical with my third serious attempt for 2013. I probably could count other times I lost 10-15 lbs. but those aren't substantial enough of a change I made to count. I'm going to try to stay optimistic and say THIRD TIMES THE CHARM. Yep, that's what I'll go with. 

My food journal is available at MyFitnessPal - trishoida. If you like to check it out please message me or comment below for my PIN to access it.

I do plan to start WeightWatchers in July but we'll blog more about that later.

I was going to share more tonight but I'm very sleepy. You will hear from me soon Tupperware, I swear.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yes, this month I will make my second (and final) attempt to complete this challenge!

So, with that in mind, this is what happened so far this month:

July 1st - Self portrait

July 2nd - Busy (te he he)

I am looking forward to this evening and once I post today's photo you'll know why! 

I am also pumped for the 4th of July! Racine has this awesome parade that's miles long and goers start claiming their spots as early as 5am. Visit the Racine 4th Fest <- website to check it out! I hope to get a shot in my maxi dress from Target so I can review it for ya'all on my next post :)

Have a great Independence Day!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The ON Yellow Maxi Dress

First I'll start by stating the obvious. Yes, I have bailed on the #PHOTOADAYJUNE challenge. While not one for excuses by wedding weekend did distract me from my mission and I lost my motivation. Hopefully in the months to come I will revisit a photo a day month project :)

Now to the Old Navy yellow/white striped maxi dress that I wore for our gift opening the day after the wedding

As seen here the dress hits perfect, slightly pooling at my feet, allowing for no heeled shoes to be worn!

My older sister always stepping in front of me ;)
Showing off our pedicures from Elements Salon and Spa

The dress has adjustable spaghetti straps and the bust fit true to size. This is surprising as ON dresses tend to run large in the busts of their dresses. 
The skirt of the dress was just loose enough to not create that potato sack look that us fatabulous girls know too well! If you carry a lot of your weight in your middle you shouldn't have a problem with it being too fitted. 
And, I didn't have to wear a slip or cami underneath it because the material wasn't too thin. 
It looks great with my three sisters and my new sister-in-law!

Striped-Jersey Maxi Dress - Old Navy
Willow Bay Plus Knit Cardigan - Shopko
Multi-colored Stone paired necklace - Unknown
Pearl plugs - Ark's Endeavors

This dress will be a staple in my wardrobe this summer. It can be dressed down with some flip-flops and a beach tote or up with some dressy sandals and a nice cardigan! It's a jersey dress so it doesn't have to be delicately laundered. And lastly, it's on SALE right now! 

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today is the day of my wedding ceremony rehearsal.
Around 6 o'clock the rehearsal was wrapping up.

With no opportunity to take photos this is one snapshot of the moment.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


not my cup of tea but I know two lil guys that love this drink:

maybe they'll make an appearance sometime this month?


1 hat, 2 hat, knit hat, straw hat.
3 hat, 4 hat, black hat, big hat.